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FHC Slow Cooked Goose Legs

     Goose legs (8-10)
     ˝ can beef broth
     1 cup red wine
     1 package dry onion soup mix
     1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
     1/3 cup brown sugar
     Onion to your liking
     Mushrooms, sliced
     Bay leaf or bay leaf seasoning, salt/pepper

      Before adding legs to pot, shake the legs in a ziplock bag with flour,
      s & p and bay leaf seasoning.  Brown in canola oil and refrigerate until
     morning or put into slow cooker.

      Put meat in cooker.  Mix all the wet and dry ingredients together and 
     pour over meat and onions.  Cook on high for about 4 hours.  Add
     mushrooms and cook an additional 4-5 hours on low.  When ready to 
     eat, use a large strainer paddle and take out meat and put in pan.  Most
     bones will have fallen off the meat, but others may have to be picked
     and discarded. 

     For the sauce, put a good chunk of butter in sauté pan and add about   
     1/4 cup of flour.  Heat and stir together.  When it is now a paste, add all
     the juice from the slow cooker and simmer until thickened.  Can be
     poured over meat and garlic mashed potatoes.

     Serve with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies of your choice.

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